Flex speed camera on N242 in Alkmaar flashes the most number of speeders

The flex speed camera on the N242 in Alkmaar is at the top of the list of the flashiest speed cameras in the period January to April 2023. In the first three months of this year, the camera detected 15,130 speeders.

The NOS today based on figures from the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB). The least flashy speed camera in the country is also in our province: only one speed camera was flashed at Oostereind near the Arena in Hilversum in the first three months of this year.

Since January 12, the mobile speed camera has been located at hectometer pole 41.6 on the N242. In addition, a security camera was also installed on both sides of the road to prevent destruction of the flexible speed camera. With the speed camera, the Public Prosecution Service (OM) hoped to limit the number of speeders in the direction of Kooimeer. Road users are allowed to drive a maximum of eighty kilometers per hour. In addition, many accidents happen on the road.

‘Race track’

In March, the pole was moved to the Alkmaarse Vondelstraat, near the entrance to Oosterhout park. This road is known as ‘a race track’ and, according to local residents and passers-by, caused ‘life-threatening situations’.

Two months after the placement on the Vondelstraat announced that almost a hundred thousand euros in fines had been issued. The mobile speed camera fined 1,746 traffic offenders between March and May. In May, the flex flash was temporarily installed at the Provincialeweg in Hoorn, before returning to the N242 in Alkmaar in July.

More speed cameras and flex speed cameras

The Public Prosecution Service will replace and move a large number of speed cameras nationwide, NOS writes. In addition, the justice department expects to have expanded the number of fixed speed cameras from 600 to 650 in the next three years. There are currently 28 flexible speed cameras in the Netherlands, which will increase to 125. The justice department will also use another 50 cameras that can catch people using their phones while they are behind the wheel.