Fleur Agema thinks WNL is very lame: ‘Why Lilian Marijnissen?!’

Fleur Agema finds it very vague that it was not her, but Lilian Marijnissen, who was in the NPO 1 morning show this morning. “How dull. This is about ten (!) debates that I requested!”


SP leader Lilian Marijnissen was given ample opportunity to talk about elderly care in WNL’s Goedemorgen Nederland this morning. She is against cuts to nursing homes and demands better pay for caregivers. PVV MP Fleur Agema wonders why she has not received an invitation from the ‘cheerfully right-wing’ broadcaster.

Fleur is disappointed with WNL

Fleur finds it disappointing. “How lame, WNL. Today we are debating elderly care in the room on the basis of 10 (!) debates requested by me and this morning Marijnissen was in the studio with you about this, even though she has not been a healthcare spokesperson for five years and is not participating in the debate either 🤷🏼‍♀️” , she writes on X.

Fleur then shares the ten debates she requested, including about cuts in elderly care, nursing homes and the halt in the construction of homes for the elderly.

‘Very frustrating’

Fleur’s supporters fully understand her frustration. “It’s so super frustrating to see how you’re being told off on a regular basis. While in my experience you are a great politician with a heart for your fellow man,” says a certain Mrs. Diana.

According to Roy, it is a case of your own fault. “Your party leader calls journalists scum from the ledge and now you are going to complain that those same journalists do not invite you?”


Fleur’s X-post: