Flemming’s ode to Den Bosch is well received: ‘Nice for the next album’

He may have made it big with ‘Amsterdam’, but ‘This is my city’ is really about Den Bosch. On Friday evening, singer Flemming performed the song during the opening of the Theater aan de Parade. And he would like to release it. “Maybe it will be on my next album.”

Written by

Sami Kappe

An ode to Den Bosch. That’s how you can safely call the song, with well-known topics in the lyrics such as the Market, Den Bosch, Sint-Jan and of course Oeteldonk.

Maybe not a ‘catchy hit, a hit’ like Amsterdam, which has almost 64 million streams on Spotify. But it is a beautiful song, according to the singer from Vught himself. He wrote it at a writers’ camp in Belgium.

“I sat down at the piano and played the part that is now the chorus. There was a certain feeling that came out of it that reminded me and the boys I write with of Den Bosch.” According to the singer, you have to come from the city yourself to understand and feel that.

“Maybe one day we will hear it in the cafes in Den Bosch, just before the business closes.”

The performance at the opening evening of the brand new Theater aan de Parade seemed a perfect moment to showcase the result. Although Flemming himself was surprised by the final performance: he was accompanied by a full orchestra with strings.

“An Italian conductor worked on that,” he says. To add with a laugh: “Because of course I can’t write parts for violins myself. But it did surprise me. When I first heard them play This is my city? That was magical.”

The reactions have been positive so far. “Maybe one day we will hear it in the cafes in Den Bosch, just before the business closes,” Flemming is already dreaming. Although he must first officially release the song. “But I have some other songs on the shelf first. It might be nice if it ends up on my next album.”

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