Flemming is the first diamond plate in the Netherlands: ‘Super cool’

Not 50, not 100, but 200 million streams: singer Flemming from Den Bosch is the first Dutch artist to receive a diamond record. The gold record and platinum record already existed, but the diamond record has been new since January 1. You get the record at the magical limit of 200 million streams on an album. “Unbelievable,” Flemming responds to Omroep Brabant Radio.

Flemming receives the diamond plate for his 2022 album of the same name. With songs such as Automatisch and Paracetamollen, the album became a great success. “It’s great that you can achieve these kinds of numbers with your music. And the fact that I am now the first to get that diamond record is of course great,” says the singer.

The diamond status, which has existed since January 1 of this year, is also awarded to singles with 50 million streams. The gold and platinum records have been around much longer and go to singles with 10 million and 20 million streams and albums with 40 million and 80 million streams, respectively.

“But that was a bit difficult to explain at a certain point,” says Flemming. “So then they came up with the diamond record. When we heard about it, my label immediately checked whether that record was feasible. And it was.”

“I’m going to toast a glass of wine or champagne tonight, for sure.”

200 million streams. It’s quite something, Flemming himself acknowledges. “That’s Brabant a number of times, I think,” laughs the resident of Den Bosch. “I haven’t really realized it yet. I didn’t see it coming when I made that record, but of course that record didn’t exist yet.”

Flemming will now go down in the history books. “Yes, because I’m the first. That’s of course super cool. I’m going to toast a glass of wine or champagne tonight, that’s for sure.”


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