Flemming becomes Ambassador of Freedom during Liberation Festivals

Singer Flemming will fly through the Netherlands on May 5 together with Claude, Son Mieux and Wende as Ambassadors of Freedom. Flemming will perform at the various Liberation Festivals, including in his hometown of Den Bosch. On this day, together with the visitors, they reflect on the importance of freedom.

On May 5 we celebrate that we have been free throughout the Netherlands since 1945. The wars currently raging in the world show that this freedom is anything but self-evident. “Freedom is never finished. We must work every day to give others space and safeguard our democracy,” emphasizes the National Committee for 4 and 5 May.

Surinamese roots
With this goal in mind, the artists prepare well for their role as Ambassadors of Freedom. For example, Flemming is making a podcast about his Surinamese roots prior to May 5. His grandfather is from Suriname.

On May 5, he will tour the country to share his message and his music with the public at the various Liberation Festivals.

Difficult years
The Liberation Festivals have had financially difficult years. Thanks to additional support from the national government, all fourteen festivals can take place.

The four Ambassadors of Freedom and more than a hundred other artists perform at the festivals. The theme of freedom is also discussed in various ways. The Liberation Festivals are visited by more than a million people every year.

Flemming is known for his hits ‘Amsterdam’, ‘Automatic’ and ‘Paracetamollen’. With these songs he not only reached the Top 40, they are also in the Top 2000.

‘Automatic’ by Flemming: