Flemish people snowbound in Italy: “Avalanche blocks approach roads” | Abroad

In the Italian municipality of Gressonay, residents and tourists are stuck due to heavy snowfall. A reader informed our editors via our tip line 4040. It has been snowing very hard since yesterday evening and several access roads to the ski village have been blocked by an avalanche. The snow also continues to pile up.

LOOK. Belgian alpinist Tom De Malsche is snowed in in Gressonay

Earlier today, an avalanche fell on a tunnel in the village of Gaby, which serves as an access road to Gressonay. The roads to the village are therefore completely inaccessible. “An hour ago the avalanche reached the tunnel, half an hour ago the road itself. No people are involved,” Gaby mayor Francesco Valerio said a few hours ago.

Snowfall Gressonay © Pieter De Malsche

Belgian alpinist Tom De Malsche is stuck in Gressonay and says that the heavy snowfall was very unexpected: “Yesterday we had some great skiing, but the heavy snowfall started last night. When we got up this morning, we couldn’t believe our eyes.”

Situation under control

Meanwhile, unrest in the Aosta Valley continues and snow continues to pile up. The mayor of Gressonay also says this. She does confirm that the situation is under control. “The disruption continues and is getting worse. The situation is under control and is being monitored by the local avalanche committee. As a precaution, we are evaluating whether to close parts of the regional road,” said Mattia Alliod, mayor of Gressoney.

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