Flaxseed face mask, the DIY recipe viral on Tik Tok

L‘last beauty obsession from TikTok is the flax seed face maskone 100% natural face mask – and gelatinous, not to mention sticky – DIY based on flax seeds which “mimics” – temporarily – the effects of botox. Making it at home is simple and economical: you only need two ingredients.

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The flaxseed face mask, viral on Tik Tok

Known and particularly appreciated on Tik Tok as “natural botox”the face mask to the flax seed matters more today 70K views. The promises of this do it yourself treatment? Smooth and relax the skin mimicking the results obtainable with a botulinum injection.

Specifically, it is a compound based on flaxseeds gelatinous texture to leave on the face for a few minutes like a normal one mask. Will it be a simple beauty pastime or a new miracle ritual to say goodbye to the pain of cosmetic touch-ups?

The recipe for the natural flaxseed mask

To make this natural flaxseed mask, nothing is simpler than following the mini beauty tutorials on the platform. In a saucepan, melt 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds in approximately 400ml of water and let everything boil over a low heat, remembering to stir.

Only when the mixture has obtained a gelatinous consistency it will be possible to proceed by letting the gel cool for a few minutes and then separating the excess flax seeds with the help of gauze or a simple kitchen strainer.

The DIY flaxseed face mask is Tik Tok’s new beauty obsession (photo via Tik Tok)

Considered the consistency jelly and sticky from the mask it is preferable to apply it with your hands rather than with the help of a bristle or silicone brush. Once applied evenly over the entire face, leave the mask on for as long as possible (30 to 60 minutes). To remove it, simply rinse it with plenty of warm water.

Botox effect, true or false?

Despite the virality (and success) of this natural flaxseed mask, experts remain particularly skeptical about the claim botox effect insured by treatment. «The flaxseed face mask is good for the skin because it is very rich in fiber» explains Dr. Konstantin VasyukevichNew York plastic surgeon interviewed by New York Post.

However, according to what the expert explains, «this gel flax seedonce applied and dried, can give a sensation of smooth and firmed skin which is totally temporary on the face».

To confirm the action botox-like temporary of the mask is also the Dr. Scott Walters than in a video on Tik Tok suggest cosmetic solutions based alternatives argirelina to obtain a slightly longer lasting effect.