Flavio Azzaro’s show: he targeted Tinelli, Ruggeri and Coscu

as usual, Flavio Azzaro was once again on everyone’s lips for his controversial statements about the driver Marcelo Tinellil, Oscar Ruggeri and the influencer Martín Pérez Disalvo, better known as Coscu. The journalist, who is now broadcasting the World Cup Qatar 2022 Streaming from his YouTube channel, he mocked Tinelli after he posted a photo of himself from the Lusail stadium, celebrating Argentina’s victory over Mexico without a shirt.

“You’re already big,” Azzaro tweeted. about driver’s post. Many users came out to question Azzaro for telling Tinelli “what he has to do”, and there were also those who joined in on the journalist’s mockery.

Likewise, Azzaro pointed against the former footballer Oscar Ruggeri, after the last victory of the National Team against Mexico. “In no World Cup, He never put on the Argentina shirt. Never. Now that he has been exposed and people have taken the token from him, he feigns passion. He wants Argentina to lose. He shows it, he said it and it is known,” the journalist tweeted.

And it is that Ruggeri had criticized several times the team of lionel scaloni before i win America’s Cup in 2021 and the “Finalissima” in 2022. Immediately the post was filled with comments, mostly against Azzaro and recalling various achievements of Ruggeri in the albiceleste: the World Cup in Mexico ’86 the most important.

Not even Coscu was spared from Azzaro’s spicy tweets, with whom the influencer had already had crosses last year. This time, Azzaro crossed it after Coscu expressed solidarity with him. chapu martinez for the threats he received when he was present at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

this boy is fake. She spends her time delirious to everyone. And now to look good with the players from Argentina, because she is drawn to the little photo and to be invited to her house, she plays her as Being of light. The anti-system is made and it is the new system,” the journalist wrote.

Azzaro had already generated controversy in soccer, when last year he criticized Lionel Messiafter he won the seventh Golden Ball for being considered the best soccer player of the 2020/21 season. When the award was announced, a video was broadcast at the gala with some scenes shot in Rosario, the hometown of the captain of the National Team.

In the video, after a citizen from Rosario opined that “here in Argentina, because (Messi) didn’t earn anything with the National Team, he was criticized by all the journalists”, a clip of Azzaro appeared, yelling for Messi to “get Go for the Selection. Messi never made the Argentine National Team win important games”.

The phrase corresponded to June 2018, minutes after the Argentina lost 3-0 against Croatia in the world of Russia. Although Azzaro did not apologize or retract what he said, he assured that his opinion of Messi had changed, and questioned the editing of the video, claiming that it was intended to make him look bad. “I am convinced that the video was not accidental,” he said.

Last year Azzaro did his digital conversion. He no longer works for any sports channel, but broadcasts from his own YouTube channel, which has about 6.4 million monthly reproductions with its program, its editorials and the broadcasts of important matches.

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