Flash confession from Sergio Agüero! Even watching the match is scary – Breaking Football news

Lastly, Sergio Agüero, who played in Barcelona and had to quit football after a chest discomfort in a match, talked about his experiences.

Explaining that he wanted to play football but was afraid, Agüero said, “I want to play, but I’m scared. I’ve trained at the maximum level in my life and played big games. I don’t watch football or the news, even watching a game scares me. I don’t care what happens.” said.

Stating that he is at risk of heart attack, the legendary striker said, “Sometimes I think of going back to football, but I know there is one thing I cannot do. used the phrases.

Announcing that he will take part in the Argentina National Team, Sergio Aguero said, “We are meeting with the president Claudio Tapia about my role in the Argentina National Team. He has always been nice to me and asked me to come to the World Cup. I will be there with the kids in the tournament. I get along very well with them. I will be with the team and give them in times of tension. I will help.” he said.