Flash Burak Yilmaz comment by Enes Unal: It’s not my place!


The striker said, “Do you think Real Madrid has opened up the gap with Barcelona after Messi’s departure?” To the question, “It was like that this year. Last year, Atletico took the league as well. They had a somewhat turbulent period. When we look at the history, every team has had such periods, especially after the departure of the players who dominated the leagues for many years, it is normal for such things to happen. But of course, they do not lose anything in their size. “As soon as possible, Barcelona will return to that level.” gave the answer.


Enes Ünal also evaluated the match in which the A National Football Team lost its World Cup chance by losing 2-1 to Portugal in the semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifications play-off round, and the position in which it earned a penalty:

“We didn’t start the match well, we recovered in the middle of the first half, we got into positions but we couldn’t evaluate. We closed the half behind 2-0. The second half match started in the middle, then Burak’s brother scored his goal. At that moment, the wind turned to us. I entered the game, the wind turned us, the opponent stressed. There were games they lost in the last minutes, they lost against Serbia like that. Then it was a penalty. Our coach in Getafe last year always said, “When something like that happens, if you’re sure in the penalty area, don’t get up.” I didn’t do this for the first time in the Portugal match. Last year The same thing happened against Barcelona. Araujo stepped on my foot, the referee continued, I didn’t get up again, it was a penalty again. If you are sure of something, you have to ask for it and stand behind it. I did the same, but it was not possible. Someone to be taken as an example. Normally, he is an incredible penalty shooter. He wasn’t lucky, it didn’t happen. We are really sorry, it was a big disappointment for us as well. We wouldn’t have been this big disappointment if it was over, we would say we didn’t deserve it, but after the wind turned to us and brought the match there, it was a bigger disappointment.”