09/16/2022 at 03:45


    Timao thrashed Fluminense 3-0 in an electric match and meets Mengao, who had eliminated Sao Paulo

    The two-legged final between the two most ‘crooked’ clubs in Brazil will be played on October 12 and 19

    Corinthians, with a lot of competition, knocked out Fluminense 3-0 at the NeoQuímica Arena with goals from Renato Augusto, Giuliano and Felipe Melo in their own goal and reached the final of the Copa do Brasil four years later. The ‘people’s team’ will decide the KO tournament against Flamengo, who had eliminated Sao Paulo the day before. It will be the first time that the two clubs with the greatest ‘crookedness’ in the country will decide on a national title.

    Timao learned from the mistakes made in the first leg at the Maracana when he didn’t want to challenge Fernando Diniz’s team for possession, which was about to cost him the tie. A goal in the last minute from Roger Guedes allowed him to start a 2-2 and stay alive.

    Pushed by Fiel, the crooked fanatic of Corinthians, Vítor Pereira’s men, this time, went in search of victory. The paulistas bit well in the high pressure and stripped Fluminense of soccer arguments, which is one of the teams that plays the best soccer in Brazil.

    The competent first half was rewarded for the locals with a great goal from Renato Augusto (min. 34), who, when he is physically well, is a player who makes the difference. Roger Guedes, who incomprehensibly Tite has not tried in the Seleçao, gave a luxury assistance so that the former canarinho international finished off with an unstoppable thread launch.


    Corinthians had to know how to suffer in a heart attack second half. The Tricolor from Rio de Janeiro went to look for the goal that took the tie to penalties and almost got it in a whiplash by the Colombian John Arias that hit the crossbar (min. 59). The meeting lived a few electric minutes, of collective madness, with constant comings and goings.

    And Timao’s sentence only came in added time. Giuliano finished the semi-final (min. 91) culminating in a nice collective move. The final touch, to the joy of Corinth, came three minutes later: Fluminense, absolutely dejected by the punishment received, saw Felipe Melo (hated in that stadium for his past from Palmeira) make it 3-0 with his own goal.

    The grand final, which is a two-legged match, already has the dates defined, October 12 and 19. The CBF will hold a tournament to determine the order of the matches that will take place in the Maracana and the NeoQuímica Arena, two temples of Brazilian soccer that hosted the final and the inauguration of the 2014 World Cup, respectively.