Five questions for the makers of the new NH program ‘Used Stones’

From pumping stations to lighthouses: the makers take the viewer past all kinds of industrial heritage in the municipalities of Haarlemmermeer, Hoorn, Dijk en Waard and Den Helder.

How did this idea come about? Did you walk past an old building and think ‘we have to dive into that’, or did it happen differently?

Johan: “In fact, yes. You cycle or walk past those buildings, but you don’t actually know what the story is. We focus on industrial heritage because it is close to people. People have often worked in those factories for generations.”

What do you want to show the viewer?

Laura: “There are many buildings with a soul, that needs to be seen more. Now we live in a world that can be quite fast and soulless, but there is so much story behind this. Reflecting on what it was like at the time, but also how it can be saved.”

This question doesn’t deserve an originality award, but I’m curious. Do you have a highlight?

Laura: “What I really liked were the pumping stations in Haarlemmermeer. I thought it was impressive that they pumped out so much water that the province was created. Another highlight was the Lange Jaap and Willemsoord in Den Helder. It is so beautiful there. .”

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