Here’s how to start 2023 by establishing a healthy routine, dedicated to training and proper nutrition

    New year, new beginnings, new challenges. No apologies. January comes along with good resolutions and the motivation to achieve them. The biggest mistake you can make right now? Don’t set goals or set yourself too many! This is because with too many stimuli at the same time, the risk is of losing focus and then leaving things half done. The advice is to have a clear point of arrival and proceed step by step, in order to monitor all progress. Goal number one in January? Start the year by establishing a healthy routine, dedicated to training and proper nutrition. To keep motivation high and achieve your goal, you need to choose a sustainable, accessible and progressive path that allows you to see results over time.

    the benefits of training at home

    If we talk about accessibility in fitness, we talk about buddyfit (LINK): training has never been so comfortable, motivating and suitable for everyone. The advantages of training from home are many and can solve problems related to lack of time, to finally go beyond excuses. With lessons of different disciplines it is impossible not to find the right one for yourself: cardio, toning, strength, yoga, pilates and more. Workouts from 10 to 60 minutes, in order to meet the needs of every person who is starting to take care of their well-being through movement. Why does it help to be constant? Those who train with buddyfit (link) have the opportunity to follow real goal-oriented programs: various training sessions that accompany people, helping them to find motivation and always keep track of progress.

    intermediate goals

    Why are small intermediate results so important? Even when it seems to be far from the final goal, setting some intermediate goals allows you to become aware and learn to appreciate even the small changes. This not only when it comes to fitness, but it applies to any goal. To start the new year on the right foot here 3 things you can put into practice right away:

    1. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do

    Don’t start by putting it off: it’s important to move from intention to action as soon as possible, otherwise days will go by, without seeing a real change.

    2. new routine where healthy eating and movement are at the center

    If you want to find your balance with yourself, you cannot give up physical and mental well-being: training, taking time off, walking, meditating are all actions that will help you feel better. In this buddyfit (link) can help you: thanks to more than 600 classes for each level per month and a section entirely dedicated to Meditation, to relieve anxiety, stress and improve sleep, taking care of yourself is easier.

    3. Optimize your available time

    How many times do you find yourself wasting your time? Between commitments, study and work, priorities are always put first, neglecting personal passions. Starting to value your time is essential, otherwise excuses will always prevail, in personal relationships as in training. Creating your own spaces to dedicate to passions and goals is the first step towards change. No way to go to the gym? Train from home with buddyfit (link). Don’t have 60 minutes for your workout? Choose a 30 minute lesson. The solution is at hand, sometimes you just need to change perspective.

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