The municipality of Midden-Groningen will receive the first 200 refugees in the Eurohal in Zuidbroek this weekend. The number of refugees will be increased to the maximum of 500 in the coming days.

    The municipality received a message about this from the COA on Friday afternoon.

    “For the well-being and safety of the residents and the environment, in addition to the police and military police, the Red Cross, COA employees and fire guards are present,” the municipality reports.

    Midden-Groningen has agreed to the temporary reception location for a maximum of 1 year as a bridge to ‘restore the functioning of the asylum chain in the Netherlands’.

    Up to 500 asylum seekers

    A maximum of 500 asylum seekers will be accommodated in the Eurohal in Zuidbroek for six months. Extension of the period is possible once for another six months.