First date at the altar – Matti found a new lover!

Matti Lepistö confirms to MTV that he has found a new partner.

First date at the altar familiar from the last season of the program Matti Lepistö37, has found a new partner, MTV news.

– I have met a wonderful woman and we have been dating and together for a while, Lepistö describes to MTV.

Lepistö tells MTV that the couple met each other through social media. He doesn’t want to make his partner public, at least at this point. According to Lepistö, the new partner has accepted her husband’s background in love reality well.

Matti and Pauliina announced their separation in January. Pete Anikari

Lepistö got married last year Paulina’s with First date at the altar in the program. The couple continued their relationship after the show, but announced in January that they had split. Lepistö told Iltalehti at the beginning of February that in reality the separation was already pending when the program was on TV.

With his new partner, Lepistö has planned holiday trips and things to do for the summer. Lepistö believes that First date at the altar program was preparing him to meet that person right now.

– It feels like maybe the purpose of this whole trip was to meet him, Lepistö says to MTV.

Iltalehti could not reach Lepistö to comment on his new relationship.

Source: MTV