An empty cargo ship has arrived in the Ukrainian port near Odesa to pick up grain. It is the first foreign cargo ship to dock for that reason since the start of the Russian invasion.

    According to the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov, it concerns the Fulmar S., which sails under the flag of Barbados.

    The arrival of the cargo ship is possible due to an agreement between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations. After months, this cleared the way for the export of Ukrainian grain across the Black Sea.

    Since last Monday, four large bulk carriers loaded with grain have finally been able to leave Ukrainian ports. They are on their way to the Bosphorus and world markets, where food scarcity led to price rises and hunger in poorer countries.

    The first ship carrying grain from Ukraine passed Istanbul earlier this week on its way to Lebanon. The Turkish Defense Ministry said on Saturday that a second ship is on its way to Ireland.

    In two weeks, three to five ships a day should dock

    Kubrakov wants to welcome three to five ships a day in Ukrainian ports in two weeks. In the long run, 3 million tons of grain per month should be exported from the ports on the Black Sea. About 20 million tons of grain from last year’s harvest are still in the country.

    All ships are to be inspected by a joint team of the four participants in the agreement (Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the UN), according to the agreements. There should be no items on board that have not been agreed upon. This applies to cargo ships from Ukraine and to ships bound for Ukraine.

    The inspection will take place at the northern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait. The coordination center for the implementation of the agreements is located in Istanbul.