First acquaintance with Mio Backhaus, the new keeper of FC Volendam

He must make Filip Stankovic forget under the bar at FC Volendam. Mio Backhaus is the new talented keeper of The New Orange. Another mercenary from an international big club. Who is the new closing post of FC Volendam?

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Backhaus is only 19 years old and is rented from Werder Bremen for one season. He went through the youth academy at the German club, but the 1.94 meter tall goalkeeper has not yet made a breakthrough in the first team. Last week he settled in Volendam and immediately went to Renesse for a training camp. “I have already met Wim, the legend. The club has a beautiful tradition and it is a nice village,” says Backhaus, who visited the fishing village twice before signing.

“I’m not a second Stankovic, but I’m Mio Backhaus and I do it my way”

FC Volendam goalkeeper Mio Backhaus

The German has to deal with a considerable legacy that Filip Stankovic left behind last year. The mercenary from Internazionale had a great season and gave Volendam points several times with excellent saves. “I’ve seen videos and I saw that Stankovic is a very good goalkeeper. I have to prove myself in my own way. I’m not another Stankovic, but I’m Mio Backhaus and I do it my waysaid the newcomer.

“For me, the most important thing is that no ball goes in,” says Backhaus about his specialties. “That is also my strength. I can also play football quite well. I am not an ordinary keeper, because I can do a bit more.”

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230715_VOLGNT_BACKHAUS_NHlogo – NH News

Backhaus had never been to Volendam and hardly followed the premier league. Still, he thinks De Dijk is a suitable location to continue his career. “It is a traditional club. I know that from Werder Bremen,” he says. “Now it’s time for a new step. It’s a risk because I’m moving to another country and Dutch is a difficult language for me.”

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