Fire in De Weere under control, asbestos may have been released

The fire on Driestedenweg in De Weere is now under control. No one was injured in the fire, but asbestos may have been released.

Firefighters are still extinguishing the fire. The fire broke out in the barn around 6:30 this morning. Not long after, the flames spread to the house. It is not yet clear how the fire started. No one was injured in the fire.


“As far as I can see, the damage to the house seems to be not too bad,” says the spokesman for the security region. “But I can’t see what it’s like inside, after all the fire water.”

The house next to the burning house is also sprayed with water to prevent the fire from spreading further. Asbestos may have been released by the fire. “Asbestos-suspicious material has been found on the plots around the building,” said the spokesman. “But an expert has to look at that first.”

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