Fiorentina market, Balzanzi returns among the objectives. Empoli remains to be convinced

The Viola club would like him already in the winter session, but Corsi’s club is not used to depriving itself during the current season of elements considered decisive for the purposes of salvation…

Ilaria Masini


Skipped in the summer, but not forgotten. Tommaso Baldanzi is that 10 that Fiorentina doesn’t want to archive as a goal. He remains in the crosshairs, even if there is no shortage of competition. Indeed, this last aspect is the motivation that could “force” Fiorentina to speed up the process.

Paris example

If in the last transfer session the parties managed to get so close to the point of almost making a transfer, now the Viola certainly have no intention of letting go of one of the most interesting young players in our league. The talks between the two clubs are constant, the relationships are good and Fabiano Parisi’s precedent demonstrates that, even in the football transfer market, certain loves come back. Even years later. After ups and downs and months of courtship, in the end the right back became purple to the satisfaction of all the protagonists. The same thing could happen with Baldanzi.

decisive ranking

January would be the decisive month if Fiorentina’s attack came. One of the aspects to evaluate is the ranking of both teams, in particular that of the Italian club: president Fabrizio Corsi is convinced that Baldanzi is one of the main keys to salvation and giving up a fundamental player in the race would be too risky. The solution could then be to define the agreement in January and then let it start in June, even if the Viola management would have to be good at convincing that of Empoli who usually do not adopt this strategy. And the reason is quite simple: if the player grows further in the second half of the season, the price could rise further, beyond 20 million. Last January, Fiorentina purchased Sabiri from Sampdoria and then brought him to the Tuscan capital only at the end of the season. Of course the situation is completely different because the Azzurri don’t need to raise cash and want to protect their young talents as much as possible, but an attempt can be made. In the meantime, the player is calm, he is recovering from the injury that kept him out of Naples (and the Under21 squad) and is already thinking about the next challenge to get back to Empoli.