Finland’s comedy show can be renewed – Yle comments on the horror scenario

It is still unclear whether Windows95man’s name, outfit and performance will remain as they are in Eurovision – or whether everything will have to be changed.

UMK was won by a party artist on Saturday night Windows95 man with his piece No Rules. He works as a singer in an upbeat song Henri Piispanen.

The artist’s name and performance outfit are strongly linked to the computer and software company Microsoft’s operating system Windows 95. The artist’s performance outfit consists of jean shorts, a cap and a t-shirt with the Microsoft and Windows 95 operating system logos.

Does Windows95man’s habitus get trashed when starting the show? Matti Matikainen

Yle is not allowed to advertise anything in connection with its own services, so earlier we thought about whether Windows95man’s name and performance outfit are allowed for UMK broadcasts.

– Windows 95 is no longer a protected trademark today. Hardly anyone uses the product anymore. Thus, the name and outfit are allowed, UMK producer Anssi Autio commented to Iltalehti at the time.

Now that the direction is Eurovision, the situation may change. The European Broadcasting Union EBU strictly prohibits advertising. What will happen to Windows95man’s name, outfit and performance in the actual viz in Malmö?

– If I win, the name, outfit and stage show will change, Windows95man, that is Teemu Keisteri promised Iltalehte in January.

If the change is made, there is good reason to speculate what it will do to Windows95man’s popularity and chances of success. In practice, it could move the boat in either direction.

Now the performance, which included the artist’s denim eggs and pyro hoses, relied heavily on humor, and it could be that with the changes, the joke would lose its edge. Of course, it could also be the case that the new arrival of the artist would be something even more epic, which would melt the hearts of the viewers.

Iltalehti asked UMK’s producer Anssi Autio about the matter again, who does not believe that changes will be made.

– If the artist has been successful before with this name, he can’t go with it, says Autio.

Of course, he also admits that Finland’s visa representative may be forced to change his name.

– It might be, but we have a good plan for that then, he states.

– We are waiting for what the EBU and Microsoft will outline in this regard. We don’t want to break such rules. If nobody has anything to say about this, we’ll go with a familiar name, with which he’s already made a career.

If Windows95man had to make changes to his artist name and performance, why would it be made public?

– That’s when it becomes topical. I would say in a month, Autio answers.

There was no shortage of energy and mood in the performance of the Finnish representative of the UMK on the UMK evening. Matti Matikainen

“No joke”

Windows95man’s selection as Finland’s visa representative has aroused conflicting reactions on social media. The UMK producer is standing behind the viuse representative.

– They are very motivated to represent Finland in Eurovision and that is important at this point. Great world class show! The audience in Tampere was better than in Viusi, Autio says.

He thinks Windows95man’s critics don’t really know what they’re talking about.

– It’s no joke! This is serious entertainment, although it is a humorous show. They have thought carefully about their own thing.