Finland’s biggest dropper winner goes to bariatric surgery

Aarni Mikkola, the winner of the biggest loser Finland program, says on Instagram that she is going to have bariatric surgery.

Aarni Mikkola aired the win of the TV show in December 2020. Pete Anikari

Drag artist and entrepreneur Aarni Mikkola says on Instagram going to Tallinn for bariatric surgery. Aarni won the Suurin pudottaja TV show in 2020. At that time, he lost no less than 27 kilos.

Aarni tells how hard it has been when the weight has increased after she worked a lot in the program and achieved her dream.

The descent began on the first day of 2022, when Aarni fell while skiing at Ruka. The cruciate ligament tore for the first time at that time. Aarni was banned from exercising and had to move with canes. After this, the cruciate ligament has torn twice more.

Aarni began to fear exercise, and the joy of exercise disappeared. The possible return of diabetes was also frightening.

The doctor suggested to Aarni a stomach reduction surgery, which Aarni is now heading for.

– At the same time, I want to break the myth that bariatric surgery is an “escape” or an “easy way” to lose weight. That’s the key. It can be the most important helping hand for many of us who have struggled with obesity for years, Aarni concludes his writing.