Fine notification: 117 penalties for the Ztl, the judge annuls 104

The incredible story of a woman who collected a series of penalties for forbidden access to the Ztl and who didn’t give up…

A substantial “discount”, thanks to the municipal slowness. It happened at Palermo. A woman has crossed many times by car, without having the required pass, the Limited traffic zone established in the city center, mainly from the gates of via Roma and via Lincoln. So she collected 117 fines between 2017 and 2018. Claiming that she did not realize the existence of those barriers, she presented appeal against sanctions. However, the justice of the peace had rejected them, condemning the motorist to pay all those fines, for a total sum of around eight thousand euros. But the woman did not give up.

In fact, the Sicilian motorist turned to the ordinary court, because many of those reports had been delivered outside the deadline. As the judge confirmed: as many as 104 of those contraventions have in fact been notified by the municipality of Palermo beyond 90 days from the verification of the violationaccording to the provisions of the Highway Code in article 201. Consequently, the court has canceled those minutes, the news has been circulating in the last few hours. So the woman will have to pay “only” 13.