Finally we can see what this mysterious villa that is hidden behind a large hedge looks like

There are regular special houses for sale in the municipality of Zoetermeer. From small workers’ houses to striking urban villas. For example, a special villa in Rokkeveen-West is now for sale. Are you watching?

You may have driven, walked or cycled past it: this enormous house on an even more enormous piece of land. There is a large hedge around it, so you can’t see what it looks like from the sidewalk. Quite mysterious. Now it is for sale and you can finally see what it looks like. That is, from the outside, because there is not a single photo of the interior on Funda. The mystery surrounding this house continues…

Lots of space

At least now we can see what the house looks like from the outside. And that promises a lot for the inside!

The house has an area of ​​no less than 292 square meters. In the first photo you can see the storage room on the left that now serves as a studio. Perhaps a well-known artist lived here, and that is why we are not allowed to look inside?

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Photo: Funda

To the right of this is the first part of the living room on the ground floor, which has a total area of ​​90(!) square meters. That’s the size of a spacious three-room apartment in the city, man!

Even further to the right you will find more rooms, such as the second part of the living room, the kitchen, pantry, a bathroom and work/bedrooms. In many places there are double doors opening into the garden. Delicious, right?

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Photo: Funda

Inside and yet outside

In this conservatory you can start the morning with a coffee and a croissant. You sit in the middle of the garden, but still nice and sheltered.

The garden consists of real grass, here and there a tree and a nice pond. And because it is so sheltered, it is nice and quiet.

Photo: Funda

Let’s talk numbers

The asking price of this house is 1.3 million euros. What do you get in return? In addition to the living space of over 290 square meters, there is a garden of 296 square meters, six bedrooms, two bathrooms and two separate toilets. There is also a garage that fits two cars.

The pictures

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