Film by Castricumse Saskia has a chance to win an important European prize

The winners of the Golden Rose will be announced tonight at the Rose d’Or Festival in London. An important European prize for television programmes, films and documentaries. The festival has a (small) North Holland edge, because the film ‘Het Zit in mijn Hart’, by director Saskia Boddeke from Castricum, has been nominated.

Boddeke made the film together with theater group KamaK, a company consisting of professional actors with an intellectual disability. Or ‘actors who need a little help’, according to director Boddeke. She saw the collective perform in the theater before. “When I watched that play on stage, I knew: I wanted to make a film about this,” Boddeke tells NH Radio.

Dreams and limitations

The film follows the theater group during the making of the costume drama Furia. Boddeke’s film actually tells two stories in which fact and fiction merge. About the process before and behind the scenes. And about the dreams and limitations that come with it.

“The discrepancy between what they played on stage and what they said and experienced to each other off stage is enormous,” Boddeke explains. The costume drama they perform is about the seven deadly sins. Boddeke cites the sin ‘lust’ as an example. “For example, they need other people to determine who they can have sex with,” she explains. “But on stage they were incredibly articulate and knew exactly what they wanted.”

“It was a really fascinating process,” Boddeke concludes. “And I still miss them.”

The festival

Boddeke has previously won prizes for this film and Boddeke also received a Golden Rose for her previous documentary. “It’s actually unbelievable that I have been nominated for the second time,” she laughs.

According to insiders, the Rose d’Or is the most prestigious European award ceremony for international TV and audio programs. It will become clear tonight whether Boddeke will win prizes again with her latest film.

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