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“They have the advantage at home, so we have to be very good to make the match balanced,” said the Dutch coach

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February 21, 2024 (modified February 21, 2024 | 9.26 pm)

Arne Slotscoach of Feyenoordpresented tomorrow’s match against the Rome at the press conference. The Dutch coach spoke about the difficulty of the match and some choices that surprised him in the first leg. Here are his words.

On the return to Rome: “When you land at the airport again you get used to it“Slot said Wednesday during his press preview.”You see many familiar things. By the time we get to the stadium, I know the street almost as well as I do in De Kuip. The teams know each other well. I saw that in our selection they only remained three players who have experienced the Conference League final. At Roma there are eight or nine. Then you can also see the difference between the two clubs. We always play the same way because we have the same coach. There has been a change at Roma (the dismissal of José Mourinho, ed.). This means that we were a bit surprised last week by some tactical choices”.

About the last match: “When I watched the match again, I saw a lot of individual quality and an incredibly mature team in Roma. After the match I said that 1-1 is a very difficult starting position and I still think so. At de Kuip I saw goalkeeper Mile Svilar hurry up early in the game, but quickly slow down significantly once we gained the upper hand. The defender Gianluca Left-handed he decided to take his time tying his shoes afterwards. We have a chance on our part. We know exactly how things can go in Rome.”.

On the precedents: “We won once and lost once last year. At the end you will be judged whether you pass the turn or not. The result was very balanced in those four games, as was also evident last week. I hope it will be like this tomorrow too. They have the advantage at home, so we have to be very good to make the match balanced.”

“It’s a stadium we know well, we hope to have better luck than in the past. We also learned the lessons from the past.”

Did you focus on the finalization phase during training?

“We worked on everything: approach, pressure and finishing, which has never been Feyenoord’s problem. The team has always found the goal in the last 19-20 games. 1-1 is not the ideal result, but, taking taking into account the absences and the young people who played, it is a positive result.”

De Rossi said that Feyenoord will be stronger than in the first leg with the recoveries of Geertruida and Timber.

“Yes, if they were to become available again they would be important additions. They will only play if they are well without running any risks.”

The finishing in Rotterdam?

“We trained in Rotterdam because we know the stadium here. And the other reason is that in Holland you can give directions during training. It would be naive to think that if we had trained in this stadium there wouldn’t have been a camera here somewhere part. This also happened in the past in the clubs where I worked.”

“It remains to be seen whether we will immediately improve. Playing away or at home has a great influence on every team, including us. We don’t hide behind the fact that we have to play without fans away. We have seen the trend of Feyenoord away and we have missed many games, even where fans could be present. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Celtic Park, for example, with all the fans following.”

Who is the favorite tomorrow?

“We have recovered a couple of players and this obviously helps us. I agree with De Rossi when he says that we are quite equal. The difference is that they have a completely full stadium that supports them. It’s an important match, people come. numerous. There are more than seventy thousand spectators. We will have to be very good to eliminate Roma.”

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