Fewer Dutch people have a television subscription. More people choose streaming service

Fewer people had a television subscription last year, reports the National Media Research (NMO).

Instead, they have increasingly subscribed to one or more streaming services such as Netflix. According to the NMO, watching TV via the internet is enough for them.

9 percent no TV subscription

Streaming services allow you to watch all kinds of different types of films and series at any time, for example on a TV. It is also possible to watch live TV via the internet. A television subscription is then not necessary.

Last year, more than 9 percent of households did not have a TV subscription, compared to 7.5 percent the year before. Young people up to the age of 34, single-person households and the highly educated in particular only have an internet subscription.

Multiple streaming services

Households also increasingly subscribe to multiple streaming services. For example, 18 percent of households had four or more services, compared to 14 percent a year earlier. This may be because more and more streaming services have been added in recent years.

The average number of services per household was 1.9 last year, in 2021 it will be 1.7. The vast majority of people, almost 65 percent, use the streaming service Netflix.