Ferrero: “In 2020 I was about to buy Roma. I wouldn’t have bet on Mourinho” – – Latest As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos

The former president of Samdporia says he tried to take over the Giallorossi club: “Pallotta’s management was shaky. My dream then vanished, but I’m still opening the doors to the future”

Maximum Ferrero he has never hidden his passion for Rome and the yellow and red colors. Speaking to the microphones of Radio Cusano Campus, the former president of Sampdoria he revealed how, in the past, he was close to becoming the guide of the Giallorossi club: “In 2020 I was about to take Roma. TO late 2019 early 2020 there was a time when Pallotta management was ‘shaky’. With Guido hay it was then assumed to sell Sampdoria and buy Rome. I also made contact with Barnabas, the person in charge of Pallotta to sell Rome. I would not bet on Mourinho, for which I have respect but I consider him more a motivator than a coach, like Gattuso too. My dream then vanished. Already at the time of the Sensi family I had approached Roma, but I wasn’t ready yet. However, I open the doors for the future, but in the meantime I would like to congratulate the work of the Friedkin

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