Ferrari lets Leclerc and Sainz race freely for the time being: ‘Championship still takes a long time’ | formula 1

Ferrari has no intention of moving forward Charles Leclerc as leader in the Formula 1 World Championship. Australia dropped out.

,,We are only three races on the road and we still have twenty races to go. The championship is still very long and our drivers are free to race and compete with each other. It is still much too early for team orders,” said team boss Mattia Binotto on† “I’m really looking forward to seeing our two drivers fight for the podium.”

Ferrari has understood the new aerodynamic rules well and has developed a car that has so far outpaced the competition. World champion Max Verstappen has also had to acknowledge that the famous red car is much faster than expected and therefore also faster than his Red Bull.

Charles Leclerc and Mattia Binotto © ANP / EPA

As the cars drive according to a new aerodynamic concept, the teams will continue to develop their car this year. However, Ferrari has no upgrades in mind for the upcoming home race at Imola. ,,Imola is not the right place for that because of the sprint race. Then you have to be fully focused on qualifying on Friday,” said Binotto. “We still have the bounce problem and we’re trying to fix that particular problem.”

The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at Imola is the fourth race of the year, featuring a sprint race for the first time this season. That race over 100 kilometers is of greater importance, because there are more points to earn for the World Cup. The winner earns 8 points, which is 5 more than last season. The numbers 2 to 8 also get points, descending from 7 to 1.