Status: 06/23/2022 3:22 p.m

    Anne Sauer has won the fifth German championship title in foil fencing. Matyas Szabo was successful in the men’s saber.

    Anne Sauer has once again won the German championship title in foil fencing. She defeated Leonie Ebert in the final with 15:8. She also won her fifth foil final. The athlete from Future Fencing Werbach was up against her teammate Ebert in four in the final – and was also successful in the fourth attempt.

    Full length of the women’s foil final at the Finals.

    Just last Monday (06/20/22) the two finalists together won the bronze medal in the team competition at the European Championships in Turkey. Leonie Ebert had previously secured the gold medal in the individual competition.

    In Berlin, Ebert had kept up until the break – Sauer led just 8:7. But after the one-minute interruption, Sauer came back focused and didn’t give her opponent a chance.

    Szabo celebrates victory in the men’s saber

    In the men’s saber competition, Matyas Szabo made short work of Luis Bonah. The world champion won 15:10 and completed his last goal with an artistic balancing act. With the win, Szabo replaced his opponent’s brother, Luis Bonah, as German champion. It is Szabo’s third success after 2014 and 2015.

    Fencer Matyas Szabo at the finals