How did this project come about?

    Femometer is the project of a group of women who, from different perspectives, were looking for tools to help them monitor, understand and have information about their menstrual cycle to make decisions.

    How does the thermometer work?

    You only need to take the temperature under the tongue daily upon waking. Once synchronized, the App shows us the BBT curve in a simple and graphic way.

    Basal body temperature (BBT) is the lowest temperature reached after at least six hours of sleep. The changes (tenths of a degree) that are recorded in body temperature during the period determine the different phases of the menstrual cycle, making it a very useful tool when you want to make decisions or simply know how your body works.

    Femometer will help you estimate your fertile days, confirming if you ovulated and identifying the date of ovulation and the beginning of each stage of the menstrual cycle.

    Who is this thermometer intended for?

    For all women of childbearing age, unless they are undergoing hormonal treatment or with a hormonal contraceptive device. For all those women who are looking for a pregnancy or simply looking for information about their menstrual cycle, whether for health, sustainability or empowerment issues.

    Are there other methods to take the BBT temperature?

    There are other thermometers, the “common ones for taking fever”, which are used for the “symptothermal method”. It is a method that uses changes in cervical mucus and core body temperature to assess your cycle, but requires the use of registration forms that are completed manually and the accompaniment of instructors who teach the method.

    Why is it optimal to choose Femometer?

    Femometer together with its app provide us with a new easy and practical tool to know how our body works and mood changes. It is also sustainable, hormone-free and applies technology to a process that is essential for women.

    Femometer is state-of-the-art technology for the knowledge of your cycle.

    *Information obtained is provided as an educational resource only and is not a substitute for professional medical care. Femometer is not a contraceptive method nor does it prevent the transmission of diseases.

    Contact information:

    Instagram: @femometerarg


    WhatsApp: +54911.5310.6529

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