Female entrepreneurship, 5 stories of successful entrepreneurs

MMuch remains to be done for true gender equality in the world of work but, for once, let’s look at the glass half full: female employment is growing, and at a rapid pace. In the month of November 2023 alone, for example, out of 30 thousand new employees, 24 thousand (80%) were women. And, step by step, female entrepreneurship is also growing: between 2014 and 2022, businesses led by women increased by 34,635 units, a growth of 2.7%.

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Female entrepreneurship, 5 success stories

The secret of these new successful realities? Of course, focus on your passions. But it’s not enough, as these demonstrate 5 stories of female entrepreneurs. Select from SumUp (fintech active in the digital payments sector with innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes), are stories that talk about innovation and passion, resilience and strategy.

Elena Ceschelli, from consumer psychology to Futurist Drinks

The first story is that of Elena Ceschelli, born in ’80, from Jesolo. You graduated in Public Relations at the IULM in Milan, specialized in marketing, communication and brand management in Milan, you were studying consumer habits when, in 2011, you realized the lack of drinks dedicated to women on the market. A void that she decided to try to fill, successfully. Hers. His Futurist Drinks (project born in Treviso in 2014) are organic non-alcoholic drinks with low sugar content, without colourants, preservatives and gluten free, with green packaging and transparent label. And they range from fruit juices to tonic waters, up to diuretic herbal teas.

But a good idea, like the one Elena Ceschelli had, is not enough to build a successful business. And it is she herself, in a “coach” version, who explains it: Ladyship is a training course, created by her, which aims to provide the tools to achieve female leadership.

Marta Santomauro and the Lato D bookshop, dedicated to desire

He imagined it in full lockdown: in a moment in which the distance between bodies brought to light the need for a physical place in which to meet. This collective need pushed Marta Santomauroborn in 1984, three-year degree in Communication Design at the Polytechnic of Milan, she opened it: first she founded the LATO D association in Milan. And in June 2023 she created the Desire Librarya cultural space safe to face, through books, issues related to sexuality and pleasure. Today it promotes many initiatives aimed at women. Like the “Donate a book” campaign, with which it is possible to buy a book as a gift to others menstrual health officesparticipating in the creation of a themed library.

Vanesa Pelizza and self-redesign (Plan C) for female entrepreneurship

The story of Vanesa Pelizza, Argentinian by birth and landed in Milan to work in the world of fashion, is the story of the women she helped re-enter the job market (including herself). Her project, Plan Cit is ua support network for professionals who start working again after a break, perhaps following pregnancy, or they struggle to realize themselves.

Work Design is the name of the method proposed by Piano C. And it combines Design Thinking, Storytelling and Empowerment Techniques: to strengthen awareness of one’s talents and have concrete tools to redesign one’s career.

The project also involves companies, with “educational” proposals, for raise awareness on issues such as work-life synergy, flexibility and organizational well-being. The invitation (and possibility) of a more active and aware participation of women is the challenge of Plan C, also supported thanks to the web, social networks and newsletters that offer free tools to support training courses.

Martina Scorcucchi and Demetra body jewels

They gave their brand of body jewelry made in Italy the name of a Greek goddess, archetype of motherhood, Demeter. But the jewels created by the Roman Martina Scorcucchi, the photographer daughter (born in ’86), and Patrizia Armati, the mother, they are special ornaments. More than jewels, talismans that are not only beautiful but also, thanks to semi-precious materials such as hematite elements, pearls and crystals with which they are made, pleasant to wear when you need a pinch of magic.

Grace Fainelli and consultancy on the values ​​of inclusion (Na.Co.)

The name of the Turin project Grace Fainelli And Na.Co, Contaminated narratives for present worlds. His mission, in collaboration with the writer and author Esperance Hakuzwimanais to help companies become aware of the values ​​of Diversity & Inclusion. Through consultancy, workshops and training courses suited to every need.

Only from a profound awareness can a real cultural change arise in Italy, capable of eradicating stereotypes: of a patriarchal, xenophobic and racist nature.

Na.Co. it collaborates with many entities, including the Polo del Novecento, the Holden school and the municipality of Turin, the city where the founder was born and raised, but above all local companies and schools. But with the desire to grow throughout Italy, with an eye on technology and digitalisation.

Female entrepreneurship, between resilience and tailor-made innovation

She explains what arrows female entrepreneurship has in its bow Felizitas Lichtenberg, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at SumUp. There is the «resiliencea powerful engine that transforms everyday challenges, from stereotypes to the gender gap, into opportunity for redemption». And the ability to «tailor innovation for your business». By integrating digital into more “physical” commercial activities or using the technology to reach more people. With a view to promoting female entrepreneurship, SumUp provides accessible digital tools for business management and payment solutions that facilitate growth