The leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, in an interview with Servimedia, has declared that it will reduce the ministries if it reaches Moncloa after the next general elections scheduled for the end of this year. Feijóo has indicated that “there are a third of ministries that are left over.” His intention is dispense with at least seven of the 22 ministries that the government of Pedro Sánchez currently has.

    He has assured that he would prefer to govern “with the votes of the polls”, without Vox ministers. The idea is not to integrate Vox into the core of power, following what the PP has already done in several autonomies. “In the same way that it was possible in Galicia, it was possible and is being possible in Madrid – although not fully, it has also been fully possible in Andalusia. I am not resigned to the fact that it is not possible in Spain”, he highlighted.

    Feijóo advocated the reconstruction of “the political divergence with political normality” for the constitution of pacts. He highlighted his desire to start “a new political cycle”, return “to the big issues” and produce a “change in Spain”. This intention is motivated by “going back to talking about what is being talked about in families, which is how we can solve this inflationary crisis, how we can improve employment and, above all, how we can create quality employment and once again decrease the percentages of poverty”.


    Regarding the situation in Catalonia, Feijóo believes that there will be no independence referendum in 2023 since the PSOE will consider that “it hurts” in the face of the elections, something that ERC “will understand”. However, he believes that if Sánchez is elected president again, the possibility of having a referendum in 2024 in Catalonia it would be very large.

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    The president of the popular believes that “as soon as 2023 passes and Esquerra needs it, I think we must be prepared for that eventuality. I would like to be wrong, but unfortunately the newspaper archive, Sánchez’s decisions and the behavior of the independence movement refute the hypothesis that they will never be will produce a consultation in Catalonia”, highlighted Feijóo.


    The opposition leader pointed out the importance of this month of January with a view to the upcoming elections. His group will perform two events in January to proclaim the regional and municipal candidates ahead of the May election date. At the regional level it will be in Zaragoza on January 14 and a week later the municipal candidates will be promoted in Madrid. In addition, in February there will be a meeting of senior popular officials to talk more about “content.” Feijóo does not rule out a National Congress of an ordinary nature, The only body that can review the Statutes, update the ideological lines and the principles imposed since 2017.