Feijóo says that Equality will depend on him and messes with the trans law, abortion and euthanasia

Alberto Núñez Feijóo He arrived at El Hormiguero this Wednesday -a day after Pedro Sánchez- in full negotiations of the PP with Vox to form the autonomous governments and the same issue that seems to muddy these conversations has been the one in which the conservative president himself has been most involved, the equality. The leader of the PP has gone so far as to say that equality policies, if he reaches Moncloa, will depend directly on him, on Presidencyalthough minutes before he had said that he would join this ministry to that of Health or to Social politics. But not only that, Feijóo has shown doubts about the operation of several laws that he wants to repeal: the trans lawthe abortion law and the euthanasia law.

The PP leader does not rule out Abascal as vice president, but says he knows who his “vice president” and his Minister of Economy will be: They are good, very good.”

The first thing that the popular leader has done has been to justify and minimize his agreements with the party of Santiago Abascal remembering that if they seek ultras votes it is because the PSOE does not want to make the PP candidates presidents. Then, in the concretion of the pact with the extreme right in the Valencian Community, he has denied that he rejects sexist violence: “If in that document it was said that sexist violence does not exist, it would seem inadmissible to me. Sexist violence is not touched and it is He emphasizes the domestic violence“In addition, he recalled that they vetoed the Valencian Vox candidate, Carlos Flores Juberias, for being convicted of “verbal abuse against his ex-wife“. A few days ago he described it as a “hard divorce”. In reality it was for a “habitual crime of mental violence and 21 offenses of coercion, insults and vexations”.

repeal three rules

Even so, Feijóo has insisted that after 23-J he will not negotiate with Vox “sexist violence”. Furthermore, in the International LGTBI Pride Day and after vetoing the PP and Vox the rainbow flag in several town halls, he has assured that they will continue to “respond without any doubt to all the rights of these groups.” However, that has not prevented him from charging against the trans law because, as he has said, with this rule “an adolescent can unilaterally adopt the decision to change sex, which is irreversible surgery“. However, this legislation has nothing to do with physical changes and only allows changing the name and sex in the civil registry with the possibility of requesting to return to their original sex.

It has not been the only norm with which Feijóo has been involved. Minutes later, the leader of the PP charged against the reform of the abortion law that entered into force in March and that allows 16 and 17-year-old girls to have an abortion without parental permission. As she has said, her approach is that “when a minor wants to have a child and the parents do not let her, the minor’s criteria predominate”, but otherwise, if a minor wants to have an abortion and the parents do not allow, be a family judge who decides on the future of women. However, minutes later he stated that “a minor also has the right without limitations” and that people from her party believe so, but not the majority and that he is always with the majority.

The last of the laws on which he has spoken has been the euthanasia law. Feijóo has said that it is an issue that politicians should not get involved in, but even so, he has indicated that it would be necessary for all cases to go through a “medical, care process, a Ethics Committee“because” maybe that person makes this decision today, worse maybe in other conditions within a week make another decision“However, the current norm requires the patient to present two written requests separated by 15 days. Afterwards, the request will go through two doctors and if they deny euthanasia, the patient can resort to a Guarantee and Evaluation Commission.

It is not a law, but it has also been involved with the price of oranges: “Today I saw a very good advertisement. Orange price/kilo, €0.12. Plastic bag price, €0.15. Do you Do you think a plastic bag is worth more than a kilo of oranges?”

Without revealing your team

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The issue that he has not wanted to go into is whether Abascal will be his vice president in case he needs Vox’s votes to be sworn in as president. “When one begins to appoint ministers and vice presidents before winning the elections, it is superb,” ​​he said. Of course, he is clear that he will name a “vice president” of the PP and who also knows who would be his Minister of Economy: “They are good, very good“.

Nor has he elaborated when asked about what ‘sánchismo’ is, a question that the President of the Government himself asked Pablo Motos to ask Feijóo. “The person you had on the set defined it well. He said, evil, lies and manipulation. I agree”, he has responded using the same words that Sánchez used to describe the strategy of the PP.