Feijóo hopes to “overflow” the PP’s act against the amnesty 48 hours after his failed investiture

“The problem we are going to have is where to put so many people.” The PP assumes, a few hours after its call at street level against a future amnesty law – which they already see as certain – that ““will overwhelm” the forecasts this Sunday. The mobilization of the territories cannot be greater. The regional presidents go to Madrid (many will do so again on Tuesday to listen to the investiture speech of Alberto Núñez Feijóo from the rostrum) to display their power muscle after the May elections.

With them, the vast majority of the great mayors. And furthermore, especially due to the call of the PP of Madrid, they expect that a “very important” amount will be paid. of citizens outside politics respond to the call.

He “great open event” which was announced by the general secretary, Cuca Gamarra, one day after José María Aznar asked to “activate all civic energies” in the face of “the risk to the continuity of Spain as a nation”, aims to capitalize on the unrest on the street against the negotiations that the PSOE will undertake to reissue the current Government.

Pedro Sánchez, who continues to insist that “his time has not yet come” He cleared the way for the amnesty this week from New York, where he was attending the UN General Assembly, and made clear that he will continue to apply it with “consistency.” what has been done so far in Catalonia, in reference to pardons. He avoided expressly rejecting what would be the next step, the amnesty, (as he did with unilaterality) and stressed that the “political conflict should never have been judicialized”, assuming part of Junts’ argument.

For this reason, as explained by the national leadership of the PP, the call for this Sunday “it makes more sense than ever” and it is “justified and supported” by the events. He also arrives after establishing co-official languages ​​in Congress and the use of earpieces for the first time in the history of the Lower House among national deputies. A “new scenario” that the popular ones consider as the beginning of “what is to come”.

The image of massive support that the PP pursues has two objectives: to breathe the spirit of the street into Feijóo facing the harsh parliamentary defeat who will suffer in his investiture and, on the other hand, send the message to Sánchez that he agrees to “blackmail” of a minority, turning its back on the majority of voters who did not opt ​​for independence options.

48 hours before the investiture

And despite the doubts generated by the format of the event and the twists and turns that the party itself took (first implying that it was a demonstration, then denying that it was like that, then insisting that it was a large street rally and later opening it to citizens) at the top recognize since they have “great success” that will go beyond popular acronyms.

After evaluating different locations (even Feijóo spoke of the Plaza de España), the event is convened on Avenida Felipe II, where there is an elongated square and next to the WiZink Center (former Sports Palace in the capital). According to management sources, the influx they expect is much larger than they initially believed and it is foreseeable that the surrounding streets will also have to fill up.

There will be a brief introduction by Isabel Díaz Ayuso and José Luis Martínez-Almeida as hosts of the event. The words of the Madrid president are always conceived as a “claim” among the PP militancy, but in the face of the voices that warned of the danger of it being the one who monopolizes all the attention, in the Madrid party they emphasize that “the protagonism” Feijóo will have it and there will be no type of internal message.

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The current president of the PP will be preceded by the speeches of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy, who will share the stage again as they did months ago for the first time in many years at a Feijóo event in Valencia. That image was very powerful internally and, in a way, it showed the confidence that the entire party had in recovering the central Government. All those expectations, which had been generated for months, they made the blow of the 23J was even bigger: They won the elections but they do not have a sufficient majority.

In any case, the main objective of limiting this act to a PP organization was to exclude other formations such as Vox. But also do not lose control within 48 hours of Feijóo’s investiture. The balance, in any case, is complex: the leader of the PP intends to maintain an institutional line because he, in some way, will preview his own investiture speech. In Genoa they are no strangers to the idea that an act in the street before trying to be president of the Government is more appropriate for an opposition leader than for a candidate for the investiture. But they also defend that they cannot “cover their eyes” compared to what they see that Sánchez is preparing.