Feijóo assumes that Guardiola could have reacted “inadequately” after breaking off the dialogue with Vox to set up the Assembly of Extremadura


06/29/2023 at 13:42


The leader of the popular supports the idea that Santiago Abascal’s party could be in the Government of Extremadura because the “yes” of its five deputies is needed for the investiture

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóohas assessed that Maria Guardiola could have reacted “inappropriately” in his statements after the constitution of the Extremadura Assembly that blew up the dialogue with Vox and reached a national dimension. Even so, he has stressed that he maintains confidence in the leader of the PP from Extremadura, who has been trying to redirect the talks in recent days. “I know María, I love her and I will continue to support her & rdquor ;, He pointed out this Wednesday in an interview in El Hormiguero.

The popular leader has justified Guardiola’s reaction after the constitution plenary session of the Assembly of Extremadura, with which all the bridges between the two right-wing formations were dynamited. “She tells me that there was an agreement between Vox Extremadura and PP, which meant the presidency of the Chamber for Vox, the secretary and the regional senator that corresponded to the PP also for Vox. Vox Extremadura agreed, but according to what he refers to, senior Vox officials arrive and that agreement is undone,” he explained about the conversations that the two parties held in the two meetings that took place before June 20. The result is that the rupture of the right-wing bloc became evident that day and control of the Assembly ended up in the hands of the PSOE; That is why Feijóo appreciates that in Guardiola’s statements after that event (it was when he stated, referring to Vox, that those who “deny sexist violence, dehumanize immigrants and despise LGTBI rights) would not enter his government ” “You can see the indignation, the contained rage & rdquor ;. “If I reach an agreement with you and a man who is more in charge than you undoes the agreement, maybe I react inappropriately,” he said.

Vox inside or outside the government?

Then he has also justified the agreements that have already been reached with Vox in other regions and has defended that They have only entered those in which they need the “yes & rdquor; of the ultra-right formation. The last one is from the Balearic Islands and has granted those of Abascal the presidency of Parliament, but leaves them out of the Government: “As we have more votes than the entire left and we do not need the yes of Vox, we have suggested that they are not going to enter in the government and after a negotiation, they have accepted & rdquor ;. He then indicated that Aragon, Murcia and Extremadura remain, that “we are negotiating it & rdquor ;. Extremadura is the only one of these three regions in which the PP needs the “yes” of Vox; in the rest it is worth it with abstention.