Fedez in Sanremo against politics and Codacons

dfter 73 years, it is clear to everyone that the Festival della Canzone Italiana is not just a singing event. Everything goes from that stage: fashion, politics, current affairs, entertainment. Cross-cutting themes that punctually every year unleash rivers of controversy. This time it could happen with Fedez, guest of the second evening of Sanremo 2023 connected from the ship. In the freestyle produced by Psalmit has something for everyone. Including politics.

Fedez against Deputy Minister Galeazzo Bignami

A minute and a half of direct references – never veiled – to himself and to current events. From the judgments and prejudices against which he fights personally to broader issues, such as abortion, gender fluid and cancer. «A jackal, a vulture, an egocentric enter a bar/ And the bartender asks: «Hi Fedez, what shall I prepare you?/ It is the return of the cogl***e on the track/ But the one to whom he never said in the face / which is not a face», he begins.

«Come and take forgiveness from my arms/ I step off a catamaran with paper in hand (…) I decide when to come bro, I prepare it / Like Matteo Messina Denaro (…) Friar you are not first in anything / You are first in FIMI (…) If Rosa Chemical goes to Sanremo the quarrel breaks out / Maybe a deputy minister dressed as Hitler is better».

And on these words, shows the photo of Galeazzo Bignami, Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. Then increases the dose with Eugenia Roccella, Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family. «Unfortunately, abortion is a right/ Yes, but I didn’t say soa minister said / sometimes I also shoot shit from the rooftops / But I don’t do it at the expense of the taxpayers ».

«Hello Codacons, look how much fun I have»

Still, appoint the Codacons, with which disputes have been open for years. A continuous struggle carried out on social media and in the courtroom. “Because I’m an expert when I step on me ** Hello Codacons, look how I enjoy it». Finally, a reference to illness which hit him in 2022. «I had cancer and like a real tough guy / I went on TV and cried / When I think of who gave me strength / I look up / It’s the memory of Gianluca that I bring to this stage».

Gianluca is Gianluca Vialli, who died of cancer last January. He closes the performance pointing to the sky with his arm raised. He blows a kiss, while the camera captures teary eyes. A short but intense intervention by Fedez, which could turn the spotlight on Sanremo 2023 even more.

Fedez’s return to Rai after the controversy at the May Day Concert

He arrives at the Festival just under two years after the heated clash with Raifollowing the speech read on stage at the May Day Concert. This time it is he himself who tries to stem the controversy. “Me, to take up article 21 of the Constitution mentioned yesterday by Benigni”, he immediately communicates to Amadeus, “I want to take full responsibility for what I’ve done”. And he specifies: «The text of this song had not been announced to the Rai staff present here».

Fedez on December 14, 2022 in Milan at the photocall of “LOL Xmas Special: Chi Ride È Fuori”. Credit: Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

Controversies that there will be and that are inherent in the demonstration. In the case of Fedez, then, a sort of fixed appointment every time he exposes himself on relevant issues. The difference with 2021 is that this year he is one of the direct and indirect protagonists of the Festival. His wife, Chiara Ferragni, is one of the co-hosts. Indeed, a sort of godmother, having received the task of opening and closing the 73rd edition.

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Also, it landed on Rai 2 and RaiPlay with the podcasts Wild Moss, together with Luis Sal. Still, he is one of the ship’s guests as well Friday 10 February will take the Ariston stage to participate in the Cover night with Article 31. Not really someone ostracized by the Festival, but rather one of a thousand pieces. And now what will happen?