Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, the rumors about the separation: the dispute and the lawyer

The silence of those directly involved fuels the rumors about what happened, from the quarrel to Fedez’s decision to leave home

It’s been 24 hours since Dagospia and the Corriere della Sera they gave the news of the separation between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and, as has already happened in the past for other periods of crisis for the couple, those directly involved have chosen the path of silence, remaining away from social networks while waiting to understand how to publicly address the issue.

what happened in the Ferragnez house?

Since yesterday, however, rumors have followed one another and today the Corriere della Serawhich yesterday confirmed the scoop of Dagospiatried to rebuild what happened in the Ferragnez house to the point of pushing the 34-year-old rapper to leave the new house where the family had moved a few months ago, the residence worth 6 million euros and 727 square meters in the CityLife district of Milan.

The crisis, as reported by the newspaper and as told by the two protagonists in the special episode of the docuseries The Ferragnez it would have started last year, after what happened at the 2023 Sanremo Festival which saw Chiara Ferragni co-host of the first evening and the grand finale. If in that special episode, the last in chronological order of this adventure on Prime Video which began in 2021, the relationships between husband and wife seemed to have overcome the storm of Sanremo, according to Corriere della Sera for more than one year Fedez had started sleeping in another room.

The investigations and tensions in the couple

The last few months had been particularly difficult for Italy’s most social couple, ever since the so-called Pandoro-gate which led AGCOM to fine the companies linked to Chiara Ferragni for over 1 million euros and the Milan Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation for aggravated fraud. “When she found herself in difficulty, however, Fedez was less generous, accusing her that her legal problems were also having negative effects on her business”, wrote yesterday the Roberto D’Agostino website which first launched the media bomb.

The alleged argument on Sunday evening

The breakup between Chiara and Fedez would have occurred last Sunday, according to the reconstruction of Corriere della Sera. A furious argument which would have seen Fedez accuse his wife of having precipitated his business with the legal troubles involving her and Chiara Ferragni accuse her husband of not defending her sufficiently in the episode of Wild Moss in which the journalist Marco Travaglio compared the influencer to Wanna Marchi: “Selvaggia Lucarelli has transformed your wife into Wanna Marchi”.

After that furious argument Fedez would have decided to leave and leave the luxurious residence at CityLife, while always according to the Corriere della Sera Chiara Ferragni, perhaps imagining the difficulties in mending the relationship with her husband, already had consulted a famous divorce lawyer of Milan to understand how to proceed with the foster care of their two children Leone and Vittoria.

Those directly involved at the moment remain tight-lipped, waiting to understand what will happen on the occasion of Chiara Ferragni’s participation in the episode of What’s the weather like on Sunday 3 March. Silence or almost even on the part of Annamaria BerrinzaghiFedez’s mother and his manager for years now, who was reached byAdnkronos she preferred not to say anything: “I don’t feel like saying anything, also because I’m not directly interested, so I think it’s not even correct for things to come out that I absolutely don’t want to expose. We all hope that everything goes well”.