Federer visiting the Vatican Museums with his family

The champion, together with his family and a couple of friends, was also able to visit the Sistine Chapel which his wife personally opened thanks to the clavigero of the Museums

Roger Federer has been spotted in the Vatican. No, it’s not yet the time to become Pope, at most the Swiss Guard: the reason for his presence was purely touristic. Roger, like very few others who can financially afford this privilege, was able to visit the Sistine Chapel privately with his family. With him his wife Mirka and four children, the twin girls Myla and Charlene and the twins Lennart and Leo. No meeting with Pope Francis, just out of the Gemelli Polyclinic, but an exciting exclusive meeting with the masterpieces of the Vatican Museums.

Gift to Mirka

It was a special birthday present for the much loved Mirka who also had the honor of opening the Sistine Chapel gate. An emotionally strong moment for her who seems to have also been moved. Federer and his family showed up at 7 in the morning and went around with the claviger of the Museums Gianni Crea who accompanied them right to the room where the dozens of keys to the Vatican rooms are kept and then they were taken to the terrace of the Nicchione where Roger also allowed himself some photos. The champion then left an autographed ball as a tribute to the director of the Vatican Museums Barbara Jatta, who granted the private visit to the Federers.