WARSAW (dpa-AFX) – In a diplomatic note, the federal government has, as expected, rejected the Polish demands for World War II reparations. The corresponding letter from the Foreign Office in Berlin was received in Warsaw on January 3, the Polish Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday evening. “According to the federal government, the issue of reparations and war reparations remains closed and the federal government does not intend to enter into negotiations on this issue,” the statement said.

    In early October, Poland’s national-conservative PiS government issued a diplomatic note demanding €1.3 trillion in compensation for the damage Poland suffered during World War II and Nazi Germany’s occupation.

    The federal government rejects any claims for reparations. For them, the question is closed with the 2+4 treaty on the foreign policy aspects of German unity. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) had already made this point of view clear during a visit to Warsaw in October./dhe/DP/mis