feats FRED AGAIN: Romy Madley Croft (The xx) releases new solo song “Strong”.

Under her solo artist name Romy, Romy Madley Croft released a new song on Monday night. “Strong” is the follow-up to her first solo single “Lifetime”, which was released in 2020.

Romy says about the new piece:

“‘Strong’ came into being at a moment in my life when I was processing past grief. As I was writing the lyrics, I was thinking of my cousin Luis, we both experienced that our mothers died when we were young. I see in him the same trait as in me, trying to suppress emotion and putting on a brave face. The song was a way to connect with those feelings, offer support and eventually find a sense of release in the euphoria of the music. Luis is on the cover of the single with me and also in the music video, which was really special.”

Strong was made with the help of music producer Fred Again and Stuart Price (Zoot Woman). Romy reports about Fred Again:

“My friendship with Fred means a lot to me, our closeness helps me feel safe when I’m honest and vulnerable in my lyrics, and we certainly share our love of songwriting and emotion in dance music. It’s amazing and inspiring to see and hear what Fred is doing in his solo work and I’m really excited to release this song with him.”

Romy’s wife, filmmaker and photographer Vic Lentaigne, shot the video for “Strong”:

Romy Madley Croft has still not announced a solo album. On the other hand, The xx member Oliver Sim spoke during interviews for his solo debut HIDEOUS BASTARD – which was produced by Jamie xx – that the xx can definitely be expected to produce new music.

As a songwriter and singer, Romy Madley Croft has released three (acclaimed) albums with her minimal electro indie rock band The xx. The still current one is called I SEE YOU and was released in 2017. The xx member Jamie xx released his solo debut IN COLOR in 2015 and a new track called “KILL DEM” a few weeks ago.

Romy Madley Croft has co-written Dua Lipa’s hit “Electricity” and Diplo’s “Silk City” with Mark Ronson, as well as songs for King Princess, Halsey and others.