FC Bayern Munich: Tuchel sees separation as an opportunity: “Clarity brings freedom”

As of: February 23, 2024 2:26 p.m

Thomas Tuchel used his first public appearance after announcing his separation from FC Bayern to clarify a few things. The current coach said he was “certainly not the only problem” and made it clear: The decision also holds opportunities.

Initially tense, at the back as if relieved of a burden and downright aggressive – this is how Thomas Tuchel presented himself at the FC Bayern Munich press talk before the important Bundesliga game against RB Leipzig (Saturday, 6.30 p.m. in the radio report in the BR24Sport Livecenter).

The 50-year-old made it clear that he does not see himself as the sole culprit for the sporting crisis at the record champions. He emphasized more than once: “If that were the case or if there was a clear picture and a clear culprit, in this case the coach, then someone else would be sitting here today.”

Tuchel: “I think I’m not the only problem”

The Swabian, who came to Munich less than a year ago as Julian Nagelsmann’s successor, also sees the separation, which was agreed upon after a “short conversation” on Tuesday (February 20), as an opportunity for FC Bayern and for himself: “There is clarity, and clarity brings freedom,” said Tuchel, who added a little later: When making decisions, you don’t need to weigh up what “long-term effects” they might have. He now has the “leeway where you can “You can be more ruthless.”

The 50-year-old seems to have come to terms with the events of this week and the separation at the end of the season. He and the coaching team are also not satisfied with the development of the game and the recent results. However, Tuchel also said: “I don’t think I’m the only problem, but of course I’m responsible.”

No doubt about the motivation: wants maximum success

It is the case that the hoped-for development steps are not consistently visible. “We haven’t been able to consistently take the team to the next level.” However, he also listed arguments that spoke in favor of him and his coaching team: “We also set a few records and had an extreme injury situation this season.” Despite always having good training impressions, the players never had to worry about their place in the squad.

The 50-year-old left no doubt about his motivation to end the season with “maximum success possible”: “I love the job and I will of course do the job with the same energy as before,” he assured.

Tuchel promise: “100 percent Bayern Munich”

That’s why he’s not thinking beyond the end of the season: “I have very high professional standards for myself. And it’s never worked for me to plan something else during a job. I have an idea about it, but it has to be put in the drawer Stay until the last game is played. Until then I’m 100 percent Bayern Munich.”

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Source: BR24 February 23, 2024 – 6:30 p.m