FC Bayern live | Press conference in the ticker: “Is this your endgame, Mr. Tuchel?”

FC Bayern must avert disaster on Tuesday (9:00 p.m.) and overturn a 0-1 defeat in the first leg of the round of 16 against Lazio in the Champions League. Head coach Thomas Tuchel and central defender Matthijs de Ligt answer the questions in advance.

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+++ Why didn’t it work out with Tuchel? +++

Luckily I’m not a director who has to analyze this. In the end, the coach is responsible. But we players are also responsible. If the coach leaves, we also have to look after ourselves. We know this and we’re all in this shit together. We are in this phase together and we have to get out of it together.

+++ What’s the mood like? +++

When you’re at Bayern and you’re ten points behind Leverkusen… football isn’t always pretty. The important thing is to stay together and have motivation and strength. It is important to work together and talk.

+++ What does it take against Lazio? +++

The Italians are very good defensively and very hard-working, even in the box. The most important thing is to have men in the box to score goals. But you also have to be ready defensively. It will be a difficult game, a big challenge.

+++ What does your future look like? +++

We are still in the season, it is not the moment to think about a change. I had a difficult season and was injured. Then it’s hard to come back. Now I feel good. The coach decides the only thing I can control is being fit and playing well. Now I feel good and am injury-free. I want to help the team as much as possible.

+++ How do you perceive the team? +++

We know that we are in a difficult phase. That’s why the game is so important. We have to be ready. In the Champions League you have more energy, tomorrow is very important.

+++ The FC Bayern press conference begins +++

Matthijs de Ligt has taken his seat, let’s get started!

+++ Does Tuchel have to leave early if the CL is eliminated? +++

Thomas Tuchel will leave FC Bayern at the end of the season, that much has long been clear. But will the Munich bosses still hold on to the 50-year-old when the next bitter setback follows on Tuesday evening and the German record champions are thrown out of the Champions League early? One thing is clear: the recent 2:2 (1:1) at SC Freiburg did not improve the mood in any way; Bayer Leverkusen is now on ten points in the Bundesliga.

+++ Who is ready against Lazio? +++

In the draw in Freiburg, Thomas Tuchel had to do without winger Leroy Sané (patellar tendon and groin problems). In the meantime, the DFB star was able to train carefully with the team again. Is it enough to play against Lazio?

+++ Lazio Rome remains a problem child in Italy +++

Serie A runner-up Lazio Rome fought hard to win 1-0 in the first leg. Completely inferior in the first round, the capital city team took advantage of Munich’s weak phase in the second round to ultimately develop an excellent starting position for a place in the quarter-finals.

The surprising win against FC Bayern did not give Maurizio Sarri’s team any new tailwind, and Lazio remained in the disappointing ninth place in the league. In last Friday’s home game against top club AC Milan, everything went against the Sky Blues again: after a yellow-red card against ex-Frankfurt player Luca Pellegrini (57th), the Romans, outnumbered, conceded a late goal from Noah Okafor (88th). To make matters worse, Adam Marusic (95th) and ex-Herthan player Mattéo Guenzouzi (96th) were thrown off the pitch.