FC Bayern: Beckenbauer manager praises memorial campaigns

Franz Beckenbauer’s long-time manager, Marcus Höfl, found FC Bayern’s memorial activities in the home game against TSG Hoffenheim to be a worthy setting.

The evening in the stadium was characterized by “great solidarity and gratitude,” wrote Höfl on X (formerly Twitter). “A very worthy day of honor for Franz, who was certainly happy about the 3-0 victory in heaven!”

In his moving words, Höfl recalled the long time together with Beckenbauer. “I don’t know how many tears I’ve cried in the last few days, including while writing this text,” said Höfl. “I lost my mentor, my partner and my friend, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again one day. Rest in peace Franz, I miss you so much!”

Beckenbauer died a week ago at the age of 78. Höfl looked back on the World Cup summer fairytale once again as one of the many special moments.

He also found critical words about how Beckenbauer was treated years after the tournament “in a country where the presumption of innocence should apply.”

“It would definitely have been good at some point,” said Höfl. “Did all of this make him sick? I don’t think so, but it took a lot of strength out of him in the fight against the disease.”