FC Bayern are moving closer to Niners Chemnitz

Basketball cup winners FC Bayern Munich have continued their impressive Bundesliga winning streak and are moving ever closer to leaders Niners Chemnitz.

In the 93:73 (46:41) against the EWE Baskets Oldenburg, which had recently been successful three times in a row, the team coach Pablo Laso celebrated its tenth win in a row.

Munich is now only two wins behind the leading Saxons. However, Bayern, who are still unbeaten at home, have only played two games less than the Niners. Oldenburg failed to consolidate its position in the play-in ranks due to its fifth away defeat.

In Munich’s team with a total of five players with double-digit points, world champions Andreas Obst and Sylvain Francisco stood out in the new edition of last season’s cup final, collecting 13 points each. The most successful throwers of the North German guests were Ebuka Izundu and Dewayne Russell with 15 points each.