FC Barcelona injuries | First images of Gavi in ​​the Barça locker room

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The Andalusian midfielder He visited his colleagues this Tuesday of the culé squad

There is consternation among the players and coaches due to the serious injury of the Los Palacios and Villafranca footballer

In recent hours, Gavi has already come to terms with the seriousness of his situation. The young Blaugrana player was clear about his injury during the examination with the Barça doctors and will undergo surgery in the coming days. He has a complicated and long recovery ahead, which is why he will miss the season. Gavi wanted to be with his teammates in the locker room and visited the team during the training session.

The Barça squad and its coaching staff are shocked by Gavi’s injury. It has been a whole jug of cold water and many of them are affected. And one of the most important is Xavi Hernández, with whom he shares a professional and personal appreciation for the youth player. It has been one of their big bets and he was one of the most used players on the squad.

Gavi received the love and encouragement of the entire first team. He now has a few days before surgery and a solo recovery for many months before being able to return to the group dynamic. Gavi is very young and will have to be patient to overcome this serious injury and be prepared to return at the start of the next season with Barça. He is an important footballer and will be again.