FC Barcelona-Atlético | The RFEF fine against Barça for the incident against Atlético

12/05/2023 at 22:45


The competition committee’s circular details that article 133 applies due to the presence of the Xavi Edu Polo staff member in the locker room area.

This is more of a warning than a significant punishment for the matter with the assistant

Verdict of the RFEF after the incident that occurred after the FC Barcelona-Atlético de Madrid that we reported on SPORT. The Competition Committee, in its usual circular after the League match, has detailed the sanction that the Barça club receives for the altercation in which the referee Sánchez Martínez mentioned the member of the FC Barcelona staff Edu Polo.

“Fine for non-compliance with orders, instructions, agreements or regulatory obligations. Having regard to section 6 of the referee’s report of the aforementioned match, which records an incident that occurred once the match has ended and in the locker room tunnel, it is recalled that the presence of any person in the locker room, other than those established in the 10th General Provision of the Regulatory Rules and Competition Bases, represents a breach of one of the duties of organizing the matches. Therefore, The facts included in the aforementioned section are subsumable in the type provided for in article 133 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code., proceeding to impose a fine on FC Barcelona. (Article: 133)”, says the point referring to the duel in Montjuïc.


If we go to that article 133 we find that the financial fine is up to 602 euros. Furthermore, regarding Xavi Hernández’s yellow card, it is specified that it is a “reprimand for formulating or making observations, gestures or objections to the main referee, the assistants and the fourth ( Article: 118.1 c))”.

The Barça staff was already surprised that lineman 1, Raúl Cabañero, stayed at the door of the Barcelona dugout during half-time. Something unusual for referees, who normally go to their own locker room directly. Cabañero did the same at the end of the match. The assistant realized that there was discomfort in the local team, despite the victory, and instead of going to his office, he stayed in case he could hear any comments. Just as we say in SPORT.