FC Augsburg before signing Graz professional Gabriel Wüthrich

Only details to be clarified

FC Augsburg is apparently about to sign Swiss central defender Gabriel Wüthrich. As reported by “Laola1.at”, among others, only a few details are missing before the final signature. Dem “table footballAccording to the transfer fee amounts to around 2 million euros. Wüthrich’s contract with Sturm Graz runs until 2025.


G. Wuthrich

SK Sturm Graz

Storm Graz
SK Sturm Graz


FC Augsburg
FC Augsburg

Dorian Schuster, Area Manager at Transfermarkt for Austria, explains the upcoming transfer: “Wüthrich came to Graz as a no-name (in Austria) from the Australian league in 2020 and developed excellently under Christian Ilzer, as his market value increase since then shows. Wüthrich has become a real leader and leads his defensive colleagues David Affengruber and Alexandar Borkovic very well. The Swiss is probably the best non-Salzburg central defender in the Bundesliga.”

But Schuster points out: “A move to Augsburg would not be the right step for me. With Sturm he could prove himself in the Europa League, with Augsburg he’s playing against relegation.

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