Fatal stabbing on the street, suspect reports to police

The police arrested two men on Sunday in connection with the stabbing in the center of Eindhoven, in which a 36-year-old woman died. They reported to the police separately. One of the men has now been released. The other is suspected of stabbing the woman.

The police reported this on Sunday evening. The victim is a 36-year-old Turkish-Bulgarian woman, who was probably staying overnight in Eindhoven.

The stabbing happened around three o’clock on Saturday night. The woman walked with a man, one of the suspects later arrested, from Stratumseind ​​to Pastoor Petersstraat. There they encountered a second man, who stabbed the woman. Several people came to the woman’s aid, but to no avail. She was taken to hospital by ambulance and died there.

The perpetrator ran away after the stabbing
The perpetrator ran off after the stabbing. The police immediately started a major criminal investigation. Trace investigations were carried out at the crime scene, sniffer dogs were used, recordings were made with a drone and the police investigated the neighborhood.

On Sunday afternoon, the police arrested two men from Eindhoven. They had reported to the police independently of each other. One man did this at the office in Eindhoven, the other in Belgium. He is extradited to the Netherlands. The other suspect was released after questioning during the evening.

Despite the arrests, the police are still looking for people who saw something or have information about the case.

Woman stabbed on the street, perpetrator flees

Extensive research was conducted on Saturday night: