FashionPower, provider of high-performance activewear, outdoor wear and workwear under the Redmax, Jack In A Bag and EeCoff brands, has a long-standing commitment to being as sustainable as possible – a commitment embodied in the company’s motto “Feel Responsible, Act Sustainable”. A chat with FashionPower’s Reg and Maxim Nelemans to hear how the company is putting this into practice.

    European legislators want to take action against “greenwashing” by companies. Why is this so important for a company like FashionPower? Reg Nelemans: Greenwashing is a big problem in most countries because the consumer doesn’t know if a certain claim is true or not. And so they begin to doubt. What is true, what is not true? Recently, the French have made it very clear what is acceptable and what is not. Any claims made must be supported by reports or certifications. That’s why we do what we do. If someone asks us ‘where our products are made’ or ‘how they are made’, we can show them.

    How does FashionPower ensure its supply chain is sustainable? Reg Nelemans: For us it’s about finding the right yarn partner, the right fabric partner and the right CMT partners and checking them regularly. We want to create a culture of continuous improvement – we prefer to work with factories that understand what we want to achieve and where they need to invest to achieve it. It’s a matter of cooperation. How important are partnerships for a company like FashionPower? Maxim Nelemans: Long-term partnerships are very, very important to us. They allow us to be flexible and grow the sustainable side of the business. We have been working with some suppliers for over 20 years. So they can see the benefits of our approach. Visit for more information.

    Reg and Maxim Nelemans