Farm on Molenstraat in Buinen will become a shelter for Ukrainians

The house on Molenstraat in Buinen is still used as a shelter for Ukrainians. The municipality of Borger-Odoorn decided this after several information evenings with residents from Buinen.

About three weeks ago, the village was informed by letter that the municipality is renting the building on Molenstraat for three years and will receive Ukrainians here as of April 1. This method of communication was not well received by the residents, as they made clear during an information evening.

The municipality regrets the approach and has entered into discussions with the residents. This has shown that local residents consider the site too small for thirty Ukrainians, which was initially the municipality’s plan.

After several discussions, the municipality has decided to start the shelter with a group of 15 Ukrainians, with the option to expand this to a maximum of 30 people. This will then be discussed with the immediate residents.

The municipality will not extend the three-year rental period. After this period, the building will no longer be used as a reception location for asylum seekers, status holders or displaced persons. The building will then again be intended for catering, just as it has been until now.

The municipality’s aim is to open the location in mid-April. This depends on applying for the environmental permit and a number of architectural adjustments that need to be made.